Pilates classes at Able Bodies Physiotherapy are all lead by a chartered physiotherapist, and aimed at specific population groups. Classes are kept small (maximum of 6) to offer close supervision and “hands on” correction if needed. We tailor our classes to specific population groups, prescribing exercises and advice suitable to each individual group.

Our groups currently include high-level track and field/ GAA/triathletes, to those rehabilitating from surgery. From teenagers, to the elderly.

Whatever group you fit in to, we aim to empower you by improving strength, mobility and function, while rehabilitating and underlying injuries.

For those people who have progressed through their physiotherapy program/rehabilitation, our pilates classes offer an evidence-based, practical, easy way to maintain the gains they made in physiotherapy.

“One of my happiest moments, and biggest successes, in Able Bodies occurred the other week. It was at 7pm, I was downstairs finishing my clinical notes, and upstairs John was taking our “Spinal” pilates class. I could hear them laughing, as well as working hard. It occurred to me that I had seen each of those patients at their lowest ebb, following spinal fusion or discectomy.”

“With pain, uncertainty, wondering if they’d ever get back to normal. And to hear them exercising, working hard, and thriving in their Pilates class… To me, that’s what Able Bodies Physiotherapy is all about.” – Leah

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