Welcome to Able Bodies Physiotherapy

We are now offering both In-Person Appointments and Online Video Appointments

Our Virtual consultations have been a brilliant discovery over the past year, keeping our patients on track with their rehabilitation and management plans. We now treat people outside of Ireland aswell, thanks to technology.

Once you book a virtual consultation, you’ll be emailed a link. Click on this link at your appointed time, and you will be able to see your physiotherapist, and they will be able to see you.

We’ll do a thorough assessment of your pain, and then prescribe a management plan. You virtual consultation will be followed up by an email with your plan, so nothing is forgotten!
The consults usually last 40-45 minutes.

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About Able Bodies Physiotherapy

Able Bodies Physiotherapy offers Gold-Standard, evidence-based physiotherapy for those with back, neck and joint pain throughout the lifespan- from elite sporting injuries, to arthritic pain in the elderly, and all in between.

We are directly linked with spinal consultants Mr Ashley Poynton and Mr Joseph Fournier of the Poynton Spinecare Institute, enabling communication between the medical team for the holistic care of those with pain or disability.

Mission Statement

“At Able Bodies we take the time to understand the cause of your problem and offer an evidence-based, holistic, caring approach to resolving it. We endeavour to have you reach your potential soon as possible, and give you the tools to help prevent a recurrence.”

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